Our range and method 

The Clare Jam Company range of products uses 100% natural ingredients sources from the best suppliers. Based near the charming coastal village of Doolin, Co.Clare, our products are inspired by the stunning beauty of our captivating West of Ireland surroundings. Here, overlooking a splendid vista of the Atlantic Ocean and the Aran Islands, we use traditional Irish jam-making techniques to achieve our acclaimed quality and flavour. Offering a wealth of extra fruit jam, marmalades, jellies, condiments and a deluxe range, The Clare Jam Company boasts a vast array of products that incorporate the very best of both Irish and global influences.

Our selection of Jams 


Here at Clare Jam we produce a very interesting range of james from Blackcurrant, Strawberry, Raspberry to Strawberry and Baileys and Wild Blueberry Jam 


Marmalade is a staple food for us at breakfast here at Clare Jam. We have our firm favourites from Seville Orange, Three Fruit , Grapefruit and Irish Whiskey Marmalade


The popularity of our jellies never changes from Clove Apple Jelly, Cinnamon Apple Jelly and Apple Jelly. We also do a wonderful Sweet Chilli Jelly and Lavender. 


Our condiments are ideal to compliment any meal. Choose from a range of Indian, Spiced Plum, Onion, Red Tomato or Mango chutney. We also have a great selection of Mustards, Cranberry and Cumberland sauce